MATT POWELL : Lead Photographer / Creative Director

After college Matt began his dream job as staff-photographer and multimedia producer for the international aid organization, Samaritan's Purse. For 12 years he traveled the globe— from tsunami sites, to conflict zones, to missionary hospitals— with the job of documenting human need, Christian compassion, and the adventure of it all. This unique professional background fundamentally shapes his documentary approach to weddings and provides a broad base of real-world and visual storytelling experience.

As Matt's experience grows, so does his thirst for more of life.  And that's where weddings enter into the picture. As a proud husband and a father to three amazing girls, Matt considers it a blessing to capture the moments in people’s lives that will be treasured for a lifetime. That's what he always loved first about photography, and it still motivates him to this day.

"When it comes to weddings my objective is to tell the story of your day, capturing real moments as they actually unfold with creativity and light-heartedness.  I aim to create timeless, emotionally-charged images, as much a work of art as a record of events."

The whole Powell Tribe (Matt, Ginger, Madeline, Ella, & Claire) at the Florida Gulf Coast, our favorite place to unwind.

Interested in learning more about Matt's other work as a Creative Director?  Check out some of the projects Matt leads on behalf of the Boone-based planning & design firm Destination by Design:

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PAUL HALLUCH : Videographer

PauI approaches every wedding with one thought in mind:  " How can I make your film better than any other I've created?" And that keeps him on his toes.....  

"Weddings are mystical moments that connect all things from your past to your future. You've dreamt about this day since you were a child, and so much goes into making it an unforgettable party. My favorite part is capturing all of this magic on camera. When it ends we forget the moments too easily, so my goal is to take you right back there, to let you relive that magic forever."

Paul shoots with the highest quality cameras, lenses and drones, but at the end of the day, these are simply his tools to tell your story.  Paul takes pride in being a well rounded filmmaker. After 4 years of film school, tv production, and acting, Paul's cameras have taken him to over 35 countries shooting movies, documentaries, music videos and commercials. He has won many awards along the way, but none greater than getting to live the life of his dreams while doing what he loves daily. Boston-born, and raised in Brazil, Paul speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish. He is a board-member for the Boone Film Festival, a non profit organization that celebrates stories of Appalachia. And he loves traveling, doing humanitarian work, and meeting new people- hopefully you will become one of them.


JON BLACK : Lead Photographer

With an artful, documentary style, Jon's wedding photography is distinct. And he's photographed a lot neat stuff in some far-flung places- including Mongolia, Myanmar and Ethiopia to name a few. Similar to Matt, Jon also cut his teeth as a documentary photographer for the international Christian aid group Samaritan's Purse. In this role, Jon had the opportunity to document a vast array of cultures in over a dozen different countries. He even worked a stint as editorial photographer for Ethiopia's first and only lifestyle magazine.  

After years of photographing weddings alongside of Matt, Jon's style flawlessly achieves the sophisticated and relentless quality that folks  love about the Matt Powell Productions brand.

"As a newlywed & a dad, I value the significance of weddings and family memories.  My goal is to tell a complete story through clean, simple images in order to create heirlooms for future generations to cherish".  

BEN ROBERTS : Photographer / Videographer


A nationally award winning photographer and filmmaker, Ben has been shooting weddings, music videos, and commercials full-time since earning a Commercial Photography degree from Appalachian State University. While occasionally traveling to countries such as Iceland, Switzerland, Nicaragua, and New Zealand, Ben has honed skills in both documentary and commercial shooting.  His conceptual and stylized photography work can bring reality to anything he imagines- similar to what you might see in magazines like “Anthropologie” or in movies like “Pride and Prejudice”.  Both of these influences come together in his wedding and bridal work:

"When it comes to weddings, my artistic vision is to create grand, beautiful images from even the smallest, yet most important moments in people's lives. My goal is to capture as much symbolism as possible. So many stories are happening during a wedding, I try to capture the ones that represent big picture ideas like Commitment, Love, and Family".

Ben is also a musician who writes and produces his own music for films and music videos. And he can often be found touring with the Billboard #1 artist John Mark Mcmillan.