What does it cost?

Our prices sometimes vary depending on availability & how far out you are booking. Please contact us for our most recent pricing.

What is the process to book your studio for our wedding?

Once you decide which wedding collection you will be purchasing we will draw up an agreement to email to you.  You will print, sign & mail it back with a deposit & we're all set.

What are your payment plans?  

For most collections we ask for 1/2 deposit and the remainder exactly one month before your wedding date. This gets business out of the way in order to keep your wedding day completely stress free- which is what we're all about.  For those who request it, we can also split payments into thirds.

Do you have a photography studio? 

All of our photography is done on location with the stunning mountains of western North Carolina as our backdrop. 

How many pictures can we expect to get from our wedding?

We cover your wedding day to the best of our ability & in the way that we see fit as artists.  In our minds, that is why you have hired us. We want you to trust our creative abilities and artistic judgements. The typical number of images that you can expect to receive from your wedding is around 500 for 8 hours of coverage- give or take some depending on the events of your day.  These are all color-corrected, print-ready, hi-resolution image files.  Every single picture will appear exactly the way we would want to see it on our own website or hanging on a gallery wall. Please take our word for it: these will be our very best pictures from your day that best represent your story and our creative vision.  This is what you can expect from us.

What do you need from us, a shot list, etc?

We always ask for a schedule of your wedding day and we have a sample document that we can send you as a template/example of what we need.  This helps us get an idea of the events of your day, when & where to be. It also helps you think about the flow and timing of your day. We welcome shot ideas if that is something you feel strongly about, and if there are any unusual requests that you make us aware of then we welcome that as well, however we do not ask for "shot-lists". If you like what you see on our website then we believe you will be very happy with what we do naturally- which we refer to as a creative documentary style of shooting.  We do not overly direct you or the events of your day.  We prefer to capture events as they actually unfold.  We do set up family group shots if needed & we also ask for a list of those as well if there are a lot.  And we like to get away in a natural location with the bride & groom & wedding party if desired for portraits, etc. With that said, if bridal portraits are a major priority then we recommend a session be booked separately for that.